Copact III Colour Therapy Set
Bioptron Compact 3 Colour Therapy Set

Bioptron Medall compact colour therapy set


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Product Description

Bioptron compact III colour therapy set.

Double colour therapy through bionformation or chakra stimulation:

Bioptron Compact III Colour Therapy is based on 2 colour therapy principles:

  • the bioinformation concept for pressure points
  • chakra stimulation
  • light bioinformed coloured filters
  • 3 cosmetic products: Light Fluid, Balancing gel, Crystal Cream

Using the colours of spectrum BIOPTRON Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body”s energy centres and also to help stimulate our body”s own healing process.


After being handmade with all the skill and care, the BIOPTRON Colour Glass Filters are enriched with bioinformation. Using biophysical methods and devices, the Zurich-based Institue for Bioinformation has developed highly structured regenerative information patterns. These patterns are obtained from plants, precious stones, metals, minerals, trace elements as well as inert gases, fermenting substances and others.

Finely tuned to the human energy system, these resonance-specific impulses turn the color filters into highly efficient therapy elements. Thus, they are ideally able to communicate with the organism, releasing high regenerative potentials to be used without any health risk at all. Furthermore, using bioinformed BIOPTRON filters will have a liberating effect on your mood, opening your whole attitude towards life!

The BIOPTRON Compact III Colour Therapy especially developed for the use on pressure points is completed by three superior bioinformed high quality cosmetic products which prepare and relax your skin for the best reception of the Coloured light and for longer effects.