Compact 3 Light Fluid

Bioptron Creams: 3 Piece Set


Bioptron Creams, 3 piece set includes

  • Liquid Fluid       200ml
  • Balancing Gel    100ml
  • Crystal Cream   100ml


The BIOPTRON Compact III Color Therapy especially developed for the use on pressure points is completed by three superior bioinformed high quality cosmetic products which prepare and relax your skin for the best reception of the colored light and for longer effects.

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Product Description

Liquid Fluid optimally prepares and supports each step of the treatment by:

  • assisting the implementation of light and color spectra on the skin
  • cleansing the skin, using biodegradable plant surfactants (corn, coconut, palm kernel)
  • calming and fortifying
  • relaxing skin and body tissues
  • regulating perspiratory glands

Balancing Gel acts in an extremely relaxing, refreshing and restorative manner by:

  • activating the energy flow
  • removing metabolic products
  • strengthening the blood vessels
  • unwinding
  • vitalizing
  • storing energy reserves in skin and body tissues
  • increasing the power of resistance

Crystal Cream stimulates and replenishes both your skin and mind by:

  • nourishing and regenerating skin cells
  • relieving tensions
  • mobilizing mental powers
  • sensitizing the sensory capabilities of the skin